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You deserve a break

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


I am very GOAL driven.

This means when I set a goal, I don't stop until I reach that goal.

But, as a business owner, I always have goals to reach, so I never stop... and this has led to a bunch of crashing and burning.

These days...

I know how to pay attention to my body's cues – physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.

And I have mastered how to give it exactly what it needs when it needs it.

For example...

A few months ago, I needed a bit of serotonin because I woke up overwhelmed.

So I got myself a delicious caramel frap and walked into Target to look at products on the makeup aisle, knowing I won't buy any of them.

I spent about an hour there, and after the experience, I felt a lot better.

Look, as telehealthpreneurs, there will always be days when we feel overwhelmed.

But what makes us great is the luxury of choosing how we react on those days.

And in my case, spending an hour in Target window shopping did the trick.

In my previous job, it didn't matter if I woke up tired or overwhelmed...

I still had to clock in and see patients.

I couldn't push the breaks if I wanted to...

I couldn't take days off unless I requested PTO...

And it felt like I was sitting at the back of a vehicle watching someone else control the direction of my life.

This was very exhausting,

And I am glad it's over now.

So if you want to learn more about the simple framework, I used to take control of my time, and give myself breaks when I deserve one.

with time freedom



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