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What if your current income replaces you?

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


Every week, NPs tell me they can't start a practice because they are scared the income they'll generate cannot replace their current income.

But to these people, my question to them is, what if your current income replaces you?

What if they got to work one day and their boss lays them off because things got rocky and they had to trim the fat?

All the early mornings and late nights? All the time they spent building someone else's dream? And all the things they had to sacrifice for the job? What would happen to all that?

Look, if you are worried about your virtual practice replacing your current income.

You are worried about the wrong thing.

What you should be worried about is leaving your source of livelihood in the hands of someone else... because at the first sign of trouble, these organizations don't think twice before they protect themselves and cut us off.

That's why I teach NPs how to add an extra $5k/m on the side to their current income with the Telhealthpreneur Framework.

So, even if these big organizations cut them off.

They still have the extra source of income they need to pay their rent, look out for their family and take care of their bills.

Want to learn more about the Telhealthpreneur Framework that's making NPs financially secure?

with financial security.



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