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A Fed Up Nurse Practitioner Turned Telemedicine Practice Owner

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

How I Started Practicing in Telemedicine

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


My name is Tifany, you can call me Tif for short if you would like. I am a native Houstonian and University of Arkansas alumni. I have practiced as a Nurse Practitioner for 4 years with 2 of those years being in telemedicine. I have practiced on many different platforms and even launched my own practice during those 2 years. Telemedicine is estimated to be a $600+ Billion dollar industry in 2028 and I am fearful it will be build on the back of APRNs without being simultaneously inclusive.

Black Professional Woman in Library

Telemedicine is estimated to be a $600+ Billion dollar industry in 2028

It is my mission to share the knowledge I have gained through my vast experience as a telehealth practitioner with all APRNs so each of you can make informed decisions about your position in the telemedicine industry.

How I Started

In 2020, I learned about telehealth and offered to build an add-0n telemedicine practice to my employer's brick and mortar practice to increase patient retention. They ignored me. With self determination and many learned lessons, I launched my own practice on the side while still working full time. After working for this company for 2 years, I asked for a raise and was literally laughed at by one of the owners. The next week I put in my 90 day notice without a plan in the world. At this point, start up telemedicine practices were starting to grow so I applied to a few and landed a full time telemedicine position a few weeks later. Over the last 2 years I have not only grown my own telemedicine practice to 10k/months with part time hours, but I have attained 36 state licenses which I leverage for additional income on the side. I am very passionate about telemedicine and advocate for nurse practitioners to leverage their expertise and credentials before someone leverages them.

Just The Beginning

I am on a mission to help APRNs escape burn out by starting a telemedicine practice on the side and leveraging the expertise and credentials you already hold.

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