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Fight or flight?

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


Are you familiar with the fight or flight response?

It's a term in psychology that refers to an automatic physiological reaction to a stressful or frightening event.

When your body is in constant fight or flight because of a continuous stress situation...

There's no way to be creative or disciplined... and there is no way your mind can function high enough to start your virtual practice successfully.

Sadly, NPs walk into stressful situations like this every day.

They see more patients than they need to, they manage patients with complex health conditions... and don't get me started on the burden of paperwork that takes away from direct patient care.

So, if you want to get the best results in your virtual practice... you can't expose yourself to intense stress levels because it puts you in a fight or flight state... and that's not good for your creative mind.

My advice?

Get yourself a relaxing job, so even if you see multiple patients, your mind and creative ability can still function to start your practice.

Now, if that's impossible, my FREE workshop that's coming up today is the next best thing.

And I say that because...

Instead of developing the creativity you need to build a profitable virtual practice... I just give you the road map, and you can run with it.

I go over everything you need at each level of your business.

I tell you what law restrictions you need to worry about.

I give you templates for hiring collaborative physicians.

I give you marketing tips and tricks to help you quickly get patients into your practice.

And much more

So, even if your job situation means you can only give 80%... you can still build a successful practice because I have done the thinking for you.

Anyway, If you want me to build a successful virtual practice with you, even if your full-time job puts you through stressful situations...

Tifany Brown


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