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Don’t make this mistake

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


When I started my telemedicine practice, I never talked about my business, I didn't carry business cards, and I definitely wasn't wearing any branded gear if I wasn't in front of the camera.

In my head, I had done all this hard work, I have an ENTIRE master's degree, and I am a licensed provider, so why wouldn't patients come banging on my door looking for my help?

Well, I was VERY wrong, and when months passed by and I barely had any patients, I realized this wasn't going to get me far.

Since then, I started promoting my virtual practice more seriously, and I wish I had done this sooner because as soon as I started promoting my business...

Patients started flooding in, word started getting around about the great service I offer, and these days, not a week goes by without new patients coming in.


Promotion is like fuel for any telehealth practice.

So, If you don't promote your telehealth practice, patients will not bang on your door looking for help.

This is one of two major mistakes I made when I started my telemedicine practice.

I'll share the other one with you another time.

But since we are talking about promotion, it makes sense to promote my On-demand Telehealth Start-Up Course... because If I had this course two years ago... I would have grown my practice a lot faster.

shameless plug,



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