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I don’t know where would I be without Emily

Tifany, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


I met Emily on Facebook in 2020.

And she asked me if I could answer some questions about starting a telemedicine business.

I was still building my telemedicine practice at the time, so I agreed, and we instantly connected.

Over the years...

We have shared resources, notes, experiences, laughs, and tears.

And what started as a professional relationship… has now turned into a friendship I cherish.

But it's not just Emily...

Because almost every friend I talk to consistently started from networking on the internet or at an in-person event... and I don't know where I would be without them.

So, if you feel like a unicorn to the people around you, spread your reach by networking, attending events, joining groups, and maybe even sliding into the DMs of someone you think you may vibe with.

Mean girls are mean both on and off the internet, so you'll know if it's your future business bestie or not pretty quickly

In my Telehealthpreneur Community, we have a no mean girls policy, so when you enroll in the On-demand Telehealth Start-Up Course.

You get access to a group of telehealthpreneurs ready to support you through all the phases of building a profitable virtual practice.

You are not in this alone...

We are all in this together, and you can count on us to bounce off ideas with you, keep you accountable, and encourage you.

So if you want extra support on your path to building a virtual practice that brings in $5k/m on the side? Click here to check out the On-demand telehealth start-up program.

strict no mean girls policy



Whenever you are ready… here are four ways I can help you escape burnout by building a profitable virtual practice: 1.) Register for my FREE Telehealpreneur Start-Up Workshop Discover the “Telehealthpreneur Framework” I used to go from being overworked and underpaid to building my dream career as a nurse practitioner – Click Here 2.) Get The Telehealthpreneur Start-Up Guide Learn how to generate additional monthly revenue on the side with the proven Telehealthpreneur Framework. The only start-up guide created by a Nurse Practitioner For Nurse Practitioners – Click Here 3.) Get a 30-minute Clarity Call With Me. Need clarity on telehealth or any of the things I teach? Get custom answers to your specific situation for 30 minutes. Some people have found these calls more valuable than all my content combined – Click Here 4.) Get The On-Demand Telehealthpreneur Start-Up Course. The ultimate training program for nurse practitioners to quickly build a profitable virtual practice in 2023 – Click Here

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